1st February 2017

Season out for the Bob Team Holinger. After the small injury that Tim has caught up with the JWM, the team finishes the season prematurely and lets the injury cure. However, there are also no important races on the program anymore.


The season was very successful for Team Holinger. They have made a huge step forward and shown that they are competitive! Now Holinger takes the next step and hopes for a good season preparation for next year.

29th January 2017

From the 28th to the 29th of January 2017 the Junior World Championships took place in  winterberg. Tim Holinger started with Michael Kuonen in the 2er Bob on Saturday. With great goals and a podium!


After the first round the team Holinger / Kuonen was on the right track. Intermediate 2 after the first run. It is missing 17th hundredth forward, from behind it was however super tight. Unfortunately it was not enough. The second run was not perfect. The temperatures of the train have warmed up too fast, so that the slides could not take the desired speed. Holinger / Kuonen fell back to seventh place.


On Sunday they started with the 4-man Bob at the JWM. Holinger / Knuser / Tanner / Dörig were fully motivated after the disappointing results from Saturday! But then it happens,

the pilot Tim Holinger gets a muscle fiber distortion in the first run and the JWM in

the 4er Bob is gone. The team Holinger then did not start the second run.


results 2er Bob:


results 4er Bob:

25th Janaury 2017

The last EC races of the season 16/17 were held in Winterberg (Germany). And the Team Holinger / Tanner completed the 2er Bob EC season Fulminat. Tim Holinger and Marco Tanner entered the first podium of the career in Winterberg. The third finish was fought hard with two sensational journeys.


After two less good 4-man bobsleigh races in St. Moritz, the team Holinger / Rösti / Lorenzoni / Tanner in the 4-place in Winterberg has recovered and shown that it is also in the 4-bob. With a ninth place and only 0.99 dog's distance you are more satisfied. Tomorrow will be the last 4-man bobsleigh race of the season, let's see if there is still an increase in the junior World Cup.


2er Bob


4er Bob

14th January 2017

The long EC weekend in St. Moritz stood at the door. Tim and his team started in the 2er Bob and in the two 4er Bob races. Holinger / Williamson did not start badly in the EC event. With a 3rd intermediate in the 2er Bob they were on a podium, but unfortunately it was not quite enough. After a great start time follows an error just before the horseshoe which has cost a lot of time. In the end it was only 6th, but the team Holinger is the best Swiss team.


On the second day, the first of two EC races took place in the 4-man Bob in St. Moritz. The team Holinger has unfortunately fallen in the lower part of the course, until then they were however on the 10th intermediate. After thorough investigation in the clinic Gut was clear for all team members. Simeon Williamson comes with a slight brainstorming, digging and

Bruises from it and will therefore pause tomorrow in the second race. All other team

Members are injured and start tomorrow together with a substitute starter

Bob A team. Thanks to the support of Billy Meyerhans and his team.


After the fall in the first 4er race, the team completed two solid runs in the second

4 races and placed on the 16th final.


2er Bob


4er Bob (2. Rennen)

8th January 2017

Today a cup race in St. Moritz was on the agenda. Tim, together with Marco Tanner, has entered the Horse-Shoe Race to prepare for the Junior World Championship in Winterberg in late January.


And the Team Holinger / Tanner works excellently. After a third intermediate rank, they managed to catch up the gap and took their place 1.

31st December 2016

The team Holinger / Williamson are in the 2 Swiss Bob in the Swiss championships St. Moritz to 3rd place! In the 4-man Bob it is not enough to the podium and you have to be satisfied with the 6th conclusion.


The detailed results can be found here:


2er Bob


4er Bob

29th december 2016

Friday 30.12 and Saturday 31.12 we will have the on our home track in St. Moritz the 2man and 4man Bob Swiss championships. Tim will compete with Simeon Williamson in the 2-man Bob, and 4-man Bob with Armin Batali, Simeon Williamson and Marco Tanner.

We are looking forward to your support. Come to the Olympia Bob Run and be part of it.


From 4:00 pm there will be the draw of the starting numbers in the King's Club (Badrutt's Palace Hotel). Also here you are welcome.

14th november 2016

This weekend the first European Cup races took place in Königssee (Germany) in the 2 and 4 bobsleighs. The training times of the Bob Team Holinger were very promising. It is also worth mentioning that there are currently no World Cup races, and therefore almost all World Cup teams are taking part in the European Cup race in Königssee. The participant field was therefore very strong.


Tim started the season with the starter Marco Tanner. At first sight the guys showed that they are a great team. With the 14th place, the team can be satisfied. However, it is worth mentioning the second running time, which looks positively into the season 16/17 with the 10th best running time.


On Sunday the 4er race was on the program. The team started for the first time in the new composition: Holinger, Lorenzoni, Tanner, Santoli. Unfortunately, the team did not reach the second round after a 22nd place.


Now we go back home to the training, so that the team can attack again with new energy in 2 weeks in Königssee.



2er Bob:

4er Bob:



Europacup Königssee

14th november 2016

La Baracca St. Moritz is our new bronze Sponsor.  The next winter, La Baracca will support the team with full vigor.

16th september 2016


D. Martinelli AG new bronze Sponsor!

With great pleasure we announce our new bronze sponsor. The D. Martinelli AG from 

St. Moritz is supporting the team for the next three years. 


Thank you for your confidence in the team and we hope with the help of our sponsors

to be able to show successful results. 

06th september 2016

The summerbreak was really long, but right now we are back. The pilot Tim was not just making holidays, he also prepared himself hardly for the upcoming season. 


Last weekend the Starter SM was held in Emmen. Tim and brakemen Marco Tanner started in the category 2er bob elite and 2er bob juniors.


The results are great. 3rd place in the category elite and a victory in the category juniors.


The detailed results you will find here:


Fotos and films under media.





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